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Random Person Has A Day Out

I have been having a lot of moans from people waiting for the next series of Random Person films. I promise that they will be coming soon. The reason for the delay after finishing Boudica, was the necessity of pitching for paid work and promoting my last film Boudica A Norfolk Story.

Luckily both efforts turned out well and Boudica is just beginning her festival career. The film will be presented next month in competition at Zagreb. I am going, thanks to a travel grant from the British Council.

After three pitches the third was a success and I have just won a competition to make a new film, it is a mini bio pic doc. More news coming soon.

I was pretty close with the first pitch too and got shortlisted down to five out of one hundred and fifty people, this would have been a lovely job, I planned to make an animated film inspired by Kelmscot Mannor and William Morris. I still want to make this film so if any one knows, anyone who could fund it, please let me know.

Here is Random person trying to star in a film about Walthamstow, unfortunately this particular pitch was unsuccessful!

walthamstow market

Random Person in Walthamstow Market, buying trimmings


Random Person outside the Pie and Mash cafe in Walthamstow Market

Random Person outside the Pie and Mash cafe in Walthamstow Market



Random Person Hits Hong Kong

London Animation Club run by Martin Pickles, was invited to send a selection of his favorite recent films screened at the club, to Hong Kong 13 Contemporary Art Fair. Now they are using a still from Random Person in Quantum Cloud for all their publicity. Random Person is supposed to be a little viral so she should be pleased!!

Random Person in Quantum cloud. Hong Kong Contempary Fair Poster

Random Person in Quantum cloud. Hong Kong Contempary Fair Poster

So if you are in Hong Kong 13th-27th May check out the work. Or if you haven’t seen Quantum Cloud watch here.

Random Coat Hangers

I was walking through Spitalfields Market, London, last Thursday (trying hard not to look at all the lovely old junk and treasures from the past) on my way to do some research for a job. When my mind was diverted back to Random Person and I spotted some very surreal Boudoir Doll Coat Hangers. I would have bought them to go in an episode but, to be honest they were a bit beyond my current budget.

Meanwhile I am half way though the next Episode of Random Person. I will post some stills soon.

Boudoir Doll Hanger

Boudoir Doll Hanger

IMG_4932sm IMG_4935sm

Welcome to the new Pearly Oyster web-site

Perhaps I can get back to Random Person now. I had just started the next episode, when I decided to re-design the web-site. It’s taken 3 weeks and still needs more work. Please leave comments on how it could be better. I am also going to add a better shop but I see that as another 3 weeks or so.


Dribbly Birds

Now I just feel like chucking paint around.