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Ilkla Moor Baht Hat. Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER. Royal College of Art 1981.

Animated with paper cut-outs, this is an amusing interpretation of the traditional Yorkshire circular song. A man goes courting on Ilkla Moor without his hat, catches his death of cold, dies, is buried, gets eaten by worms, the worms are eaten by ducks, and the ducks are, finally, eaten by the man’s friends.

Shown at the ICA as part of the New Contemporaries exhibition in 1982.

Madame Potatoe. Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER. Words and music by GED HANEY. Royal College of Art 1983.

Madame Potatoe was first shown as part of Emma Calder’s MA show at the RCA, which comprised a life-sized, motorised Madame Potatoe eating crisps and watching the film on telly. She was sat in a room papered with Madame Potatoe print wall paper.

Madame Potatoe is a film about the pressure which society puts upon people to project different images, particularly the image of success. Through the medium of potato printing the film shows how Madame Potatoe struggles to cope within the world in which she is placed. She retreats into the earth leaving her image to continue along its own increasingly exploitative path.

Shown at the Tate Gallery, animation festivals, CH4 TV and world wide TV. Madame Potatoe print bought by the V&A for the prints and drawings collection.

Springfield. Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER. Words and music by GED HANEY. ©Emma Calder Films 1986.

Springfield is a film about a vacuum cleaner, a cat, and a bingo hall. Using a wide range of drawing techniques, and working closely with a specially composed soundtrack, the story explores loss, alienation, and the psychological effects these things can have upon people in our society. Ultimately Springfield is about coming to terms with obsession, desperation and personal fear.

Shown at animation festivals CH4 TV and world wide TV. Many press clippings and associated articles are available. Part of The Wayward Girls and Wicked Women video collection. Distributed on film and video by the BFI. Featured in a Channel Four documentary.

Silver Plaque award Chicago.

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