Emma started making and designing stickers after her second child was born.


Sticker Art became an after school activity. Soon Emma was sticking them in the street and photographing them. Emma was quite shy and felt a bit funny sticking them all over the place. So she decided to make them into long thin hand made books and sell them, so other people could take over the process.

Here are the full sheets of stickers before they are cut up into long thin sticker books.

The Tate Modern Shop bought them to go on sale along side their street art exhibition and then kept ordering them. The books are still selling, now in Damien Hirst’s shop, Other Criteria.

Other Criteria

Other Criteria

Emma has made several 1000’s of the books. Every book has a different hand stuck cover. Shops can order wholesale, by filling out the contact form on this web-site. Individuals can visit Emma’s shop. A beautiful handmade rack is available to shops for orders over 100.

For more information on Emma’s stickers please check out her old blog.