Pearly Oyster’s favourite films and commercials.

The Queen’s Monastery. Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER. Music by Leoš Janáček. Produced by Pearly Oyster Productions 1998 © Pearly Oyster Productions/ BBC Bristol.

Inspired by Leoš Janáček’s Sinfonietta, The Queen’s Monastery is about a woman whose lover, a former acrobat, has returned to her from war a changed man. Using a highly individual watercolour technique the narrative explores themes of love, escapist fantasy, obsession and guilt.

Shown as a support for Love Is The Devil and other features throughout the UK. Distributed on film by Spike & Mike’s Touring Animation in over 50 cinemas in North America.

Best Professional Film; Bradford International Animation Festival, Special Jury Prize; Zagreb, Second Prize; Dresden, Silver Hugo; Chicago, Honourable Mention; Cinanima Portugal.

The Queen’s Monastery is featured in In Short: A Guide to Short Film Making in the Digital Age by Andrew Kelly and Eileen Elsey, published by the BFI.

More information and images are on my Queen’s Monastery blog entries.

The Turd Family Go On Holiday. Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER and GED HANEY. Music by GED HANEY. Pearly Oyster Productions 1989 for MTV.

The Turd Family go on Holiday was commissioned by MTV as one of their series of ‘Green commercials’, the only constraint being that it had to make some comment upon ecology or environmental issues. Using powerful imagery, black humour, and a liberal helping of appalling bad taste we set out to draw people’s attention to the state of British beaches.

Nominated for best ecological commercial.

Far Out Man. 3 X 20 Sec episodes.
Conceived, animated and directed by GED HANEY. Music by GED HANEY produced by EMMA CALDER. Pearly Oyster Productions 1995 for MTV

Far Out Man is a lovable and cheeky fellow who is covered from head to toe in green spots. He lives far out in the universe (hence the monicker) on planet MTV. With his trusty ray-gun always at the ready he gets up to side-splitting antics – from an extreme form of cucumber abuse to a novel but efficient method of extracting eggs from a hens bottom.

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