Documentary Films

Boudica A Norfolk Story. Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER.
Musical Extracts from Diluvial by Bruce Gilbert and BAW, Published by Touch Music [MCPS]. Produced by Pearly Oyster Productions 2013 © Pearly Oyster Productions. Commissioned by Norfolk Museums and Archaeology Service and supported by the Arts Council of England.

Despite a gap of nearly two thousand years, Boudica remains at the forefront of the public imagination. Her story has been passed down the generations from the original writings of the Romans and she has been continually reinvented to serve as a woman of our age. Read more.

Everyone is Waiting for Something to Happen.
Conceived, animated and directed by EMMA CALDER.
Music by Coco Cripps. Produced by Pearly Oyster Productions 2014 © Pearly Oyster Productions.

Prior to being diagnosed with bowel cancer Richard Wright, an artist/animator, had a social media persona that was characterised by annoying and anarchic humour. After initially feeling unable to communicate at all, his general healing process became entwined with the resurrection of his social media presence, helped by an obsessive regime of cooking and baking.

The film uses character and abstract animation, created from collages of Richards photos and quotes posted on social media including a fifty two page blog which he wrote for a bowel cancer forum and interviews with Richard talking about his posts. The result is a humorous and visually stimulating film that explores one creative individuals strategy for coping with a life threatening illness and how he was able to share this with his social media community. Read more.