Random Person

Random Person is a stop frame animated series directed, written and produced by Emma Calder from Pearly Oyster. The idea is that each film is completely random, was made randomly and is about the idea of random or randomosity.

Episode 31 Random Person (Back From The Woods)
It was beautiful and wonderful in the woods, but the memory is fading fast. Read more.

Episode 3 Random Person (No Bag)
Random person goes shopping blind folded…It all goes well until..
This Episode has a message to the world. It’s about the over use of plastic bags. It’s a personal film based on true life experience. Remember, next time you go shopping please bring your own bag!

Episode 9 Random Person (Quantum cloud)
Random Person tries to style her hair into a Quantum Cloud. How much hair has Random Person actually got and what is in it, I wonder?

The film is animated wire models with hand made and found doll masks and animated real hair. (Snippets of Emma’s childhood locks and her partner’s hair before it went grey).

Episode1 Random Person (Random Person Generator)
This was the first episode I animated and is very Random. It is currently showing 44.3 million views on Vimeo.

More Random Person Films…

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